25 Ways You Can Score From 3rd That You Can't Score From 2nd

1.          A balk. 

2.          Catchers' interference. 

3.          Wild Pitch. 

4.          Passed ball. 

5.          Hard hit ground ball through the infield and directly in front of an outfielder. 

6.          An error by an infielder which eludes him by more than 10 feet. 

7.          Short pop up just beyond the infield, that is dropped by a fielder. 

8.          Short line drive or a bloop single just over the infield. 

9.          Sacrifice fly. 

10.     Fair pop up dropped by an infielder with 2 outs. 

11.     Fly ball dropped by an outfielder. 

12.     Bases loaded walk. 

13.     Bases loaded hit batter. 

14.     Wild throw by the catcher, back to the pitcher. 

15.     Ground ball, early in the game, runners on 1B and 3B, no outs and the defense decides to go for the double play. 

16.     Wild throw by the pitcher attempting to pick runner off 3B. 

17.     Wild throw by pitcher attempting to pick runner off 1B. 

18.     Wild throw by catcher in attempting to pick the runner off third base. 

19.     Wild throw by catcher attempting to throw out runner trying to steal 2B. 

20.     Dropped throw from catcher on an attempted steal of 2B. 

21.     Runners on 1B and 3B, less than two outs, the runner on 1B heads for 2B, the catcher throws to the cutoff man, who makes a wild throw back to the 

22.     Suicide squeeze bunt. 

23.     Steal of home. 

24.     Wild throw by an infielder attempting to throw out the batter at 1B. 

25.     Interference by an infielder during a rundown play at third base ( note: Although the base runner may even be heading back toward third base when 
he is interfered with, he is nevertheless permitted to score because an obstructed runner is awarded at least one base beyond the base he last legally touched. )